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FinTru House Belfast

Virtual Wine Tasting for Executive Team on Lockdown

Companies around the world, are looking at many creative ways to keep their teams incentivised and cohesively working together, while physically separated by lockdown due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

GreatVine were delighted to have been asked to facilitate and supply the wines for a Virtual wine tasting event last night for the Executive team at Financial Services Company FinTrU, with team members located between Belfast and London. FinTrU is a multi-award winning Financial Services company that is committed to giving local talent the opportunity to work on the global stage with the largest International Investment Banks.

GreatVine delivered a tasting case of 2 white wines, 3 red wines and an exquisite Italian Anselmi “I Capitelli” Passito (Canadian Ice Wine or Sauterne style) dessert wine, which our guests were asked to taste paired with blue cheese.  This wine features in a book called  “1001 Wines: You Must Try Before You Die”  by Neill Beckett.  FinTrU Founder & CEO Darragh McCarthy, also supplied an extra bottle of each wine for the team to enjoy at their leisure.

Anselmi I Capitelli Passito

Everyone really enjoyed the wine tasting and contributed their own thoughts and questions about the wines. We all took a break from the tasting at 8 p.m. so that everyone could go outside their home to applaud the NHS, then reconvened for the final wine.

With our beautiful artisan wines and lower than organic level sulphites, there should be no sore heads this morning. The participants can also head onto to select more of our wines to buy for home delivery during lockdown.

Thanks to all the team at FinTrU for the most fantastic, engaging evening we’ve ever had without even having to leave home 🙂

Cin Cin



GreatVine's Prosecco Masterclass at the Merchant Hotel Belfast 2019

Prosecco Masterclass at 5 Star Merchant Hotel

The Festival of Prosecco returned to The Merchant Hotel for its third year this September 2019 and it’s been even bigger than before! Guests have enjoyed a wide range of dazzling events and special promotions; from luxury tasting flights, wine dinners and masterclass events to unique Prosecco cocktails – there was something for every Prosecco fan out there.

Last night GreatVine hosted one of our very popular Prosecco Masterclass events in the Veuve Cliquot Champagne Lounge of the Hotel.

Our guests got to experience five different styles and quality levels of Prosecco. All from small artisan family owned producers, from the Prosecco DOC Apellation through DOCG Valdobbiadene Superiore, DOCG Asolo Rive and up to Cartizze – the Grand Cru of Prosecco where producers pay over €2 Million to own one hectare, and it is rarely exported outside of Italy.

They tasted every style of Prosecco from Extra Dry, Brut, Extra Brut to Dry (the sweetest style).

As you can see the feedback was incredible.

Feedback from guests on our Prosecco Masterclass

Most people believe that Prosecco is just Prosecco without variation of style or quality, yet much of what is exported to the UK market is commercially produced on a mass scale and not the quality we are used to drinking while living in Italy. Certainly it is true that not all Prosecco is created equal.

Blogger Post Prosecco Masterclass

Blogger Post Prosecco Masterclass


The two main lessons of the Masterclass are as always…

  1. If buying a DOC Prosecco, ensure it’s a ‘Millesimato’ as only then are they obliged to print the year of vintage on the rear label and Prosecco needs to be consumed in the year of vintage – the younger and fresher the better, due to the way in which it is produced as unlike Champagne it cannot age well in the bottle.
  2. Upgrade and spend a couple of pounds more to buy a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Guarantita) Prosecco, where production standards really are more guaranteed and grapes cannot be purchased from the DOCG production zone to bottle elsewhere in Italy as it can with DOC Prosecco. Also with DOCG the terrain is all slopes and hills, therefore only harvesting by hand is possible, rather than machine harvesting which produces an inferior product.

We hope to see you at our next Prosecco Masterclass event!





Prosecco & Italian Bubbles Tasting Event

Make January Pop!

Join us on Friday 25th January at 7 pm for an authentic extravaganza of Italian gourmet food and a flight of 5 artisan quality Italian bubbles (yes Prosecco too but only the good stuff!)

Gusto è is Belfast’s first truly authentic Italian Restaurant. Owned by Italians, with Italian chefs flown in and authentic artisan Italian ingredients shipped in.  There’ll be no commercial, industrial quality screw cap wines here either. All authentic artisan quality wines from small artisan producers from the North to the Southern tip of Italy.

We will transport you to Italy for the evening with Italian gourmet savoury and sweet treats, created by top Italian chefs Philly d’Uva and Nicola Attianese, paired with a flight of 5 exquisite Italian sparkling wines and accompanied by live music from talented Singer-Guitarist Luigi Cirillo.

Luigi Cirillo Italian Singer-Guitarist at Gusto è

Luigi Cirillo Italian Singer-Guitarist at Gusto è


Budino di Parmigiano Reggiano at Gusto è Belfast

Budino di Parmigiano Reggiano at Gusto è Belfast

Polpette di melanzana in crema di pomodoro di corbara

Polpette di melanzana in crema di pomodoro di corbara

Gusto è Italian Bubbles Event 25th January 2019

Gusto è Italian Bubbles Event 25th January 2019

Gusto e food 8



Buy tickets here on Eventbrite! Don’t wait too long to avoid disappointment as tickets are limited to 130.


Montagner Festival of Prosecco Merchant Hotel

Montagner Festival of Prosecco at The Merchant Hotel

Our single vineyard Artisan quality, hand harvested Montagner Prosecco will be show cased by The Merchant Hotel in September 2017 for their month long Festival of Prosecco.

The hotel will be featuring the three different quality levels of Prosecco supplied to them by GreatVine up to Cartizze level, which is the Grand Cru of Prosecco and rarely found outside of Italy.

Guests will be able to learn all about their favourite bubbles and get educated on how to identify a good quality Prosecco. Understanding how Prosecco is made will inform guests that it’s a wine which needs to be consumed young and fresh, preferably within the year of vintage. However, therein lies quite a problem in the UK export market, as the vintage is usually not stated on the labels unless it’s a ‘Millesimato’ Prosecco where the producer is obliged to put the year of vintage on the rear label.

Montagner DOCG Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry

Montagner DOCG Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry

As importers have to pay extra to buy a ‘Millesimato’ Prosecco, it’s unusual to find one on the shelves of your local supermarket or wine shop. In many hospitality venues, it’s also unusual to find a ‘Millesimato’ Prosecco.

Only through educating the Prosecco consumer, will enough pressure be applied to encourage more stockists, hotels, and restaurants to stock a better quality product. Some even sell a standard unclassified Spumante wine as Prosecco, so it’s always worth knowing what you’re buying and demanding the best for your hard earned cash.

Montagner Festival of Prosecco at the Merchant Hotel

Montagner Festival of Prosecco at the Merchant Hotel

Buy tickets here for the Montagner Prosecco Masterclass at The Merchant Hotel Belfast on Thursday 7th September 2017

Taste your way through five selected drinks and understand the ‘prosecco process.’ Enjoy Cicchetti for each table towards the end of the event.

Buy tickets here for the Montagner Prosecco Party in the Roof Garden at The Merchant Hotel on Thursday 14th September 2017

Enjoy a night of music and bubbles on the roof garden! GreatVine will be in attendance to welcome guests and talk about all things Prosecco. Enjoy Cicchetti for each table towards the end of the event and live Italian guitar music from musician Luigi Cirillo.


The Gallery Belfast Wine Dinner - With ANSELMI wines.

Wine Dinner – The Gallery Dublin Road Belfast

Tickets now available for a very special 4 course wine dinner at Gary McCausland’s glamorous new venue – The Gallery on Dublin Road, Belfast

Friday 23rd June 2017
Book here or CALL 02890 434344

Prosecco Reception from 7p.m. with Artisan quality Prosecco by GreatVine
4 Courses paired with Iconic Italian wines by ANSELMI
Meet the winemaker – Lisa Anselmi

Roberto Anselmi is an icon for other producers of white wine around Italy and his story has become a fabled cult legend throughout the land. The wines are listed by most Michelin Star Restaurants in Italy, reflecting the tremendously fast ascent of ANSELMI into the ‘Club’ of top white winemakers in Italy. Roberto ANSELMI’s revolutionary parting from the Soave DOC law enables these wines to break barriers in style and quality. Located in the hills of Monteforte D’Alpino, Soave near Verona. ANSELMI believe in minimal handling of the wine and bringing out the full fruit expression and flavour of the Garganega grape.  There are two white wines that will age for 15 years, a red that ages for 30+ years and a Passito dessert wine that features in the book ‘100 Wines to Try Before you Die’. By macerating on the skins for added depth and extract, Roberto’s wine-making artistry sculptures the extraordinary material provided by superb terroir and vineyard management into a range with incredible depth, breadth and longevity. As Jancis Robinson comments in The World Atlas of Wine, ‘These are serious wines by any measure and by no means over-priced compared with their peers in Burgundy’

Anselmi Wines

Anselmi Wines


Anselmi San Vincenzo Wine Spectator Top 100

Anselmi San Vincenzo Wine Spectator Top 100

Anselmi Wines

ANSELMI Wine Dinner – Merchant Hotel

We are delighted to be hosting a prestigious Verona Opera themed wine dinner for the Iconic ANSELMI winery in the Great Room of The Merchant Hotel, Belfast on Thursday 22rd June 2017. An evening of fine wine & Opera music. A 6 course sumptuous supper paired with ANSELMI wines and the chance to meet the Winemaker. Prosecco Reception 7 pm £69.50 Tickets directly from The Merchant Hotel. NOW SOLD OUT!!!

The wines are listed by most Michelin Star Restaurants in Italy, reflecting the tremendously fast ascent of ANSELMI into the ‘Club’ of top white winemakers in Italy. Roberto ANSELMI’s revolutionary parting from the Soave DOC law enables these wines to break barriers in style and quality. Located in the hills of Monteforte D’Alpino, Soave near Verona. ANSELMI believe in minimal handling of the wine and bringing out the full fruit expression and flavour of the Garganega grape.  There are two white wines that will age for 15 years (CAPITEL CROCE & CAPITEL FOSCARINO), the stunning SAN VINCENZO which explodes with Mango, Passion fruit & Guava tropical flavours almost in the style of a top class Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc but incredibly juicy and refreshing. This wine is a WINE SPECTATOR TOP 100 for 2016 (No 60). REALDA is a red that ages for 30+ years and a Passito dessert wine ‘I CAPITELLI’ that features in the book ‘100 Wines to Try Before you Die’.

By macerating on the skins for added depth and extract, Roberto’s wine-making artistry sculptures the extraordinary material provided by superb terroir and vineyard management into a range with incredible depth, breadth and longevity. As Jancis Robinson comments in The World Atlas of Wine, ‘These are serious wines by any measure and by no means over-priced compared with their peers in Burgundy’

Thomas with Lisa Anselmi

Thomas with Lisa Anselmi

We had the honour and privilege of sharing these incredible wines with Roberto and his wonderful daughter Lisa Anselmi, at the 2 Michelin Star Restaurant La Peca,  near Vicenza. The wine list there was more like a bible than a wine menu and they had multiple vintages of each ANSELMI wine available. Roberto Anselmi generously selected the 1983 REALDA Cabernet Sauvignon, which once deftly resuscitated by the impressive Sommelier at La Peca, tasted like a really fine old Burgundy. It ranks as one of our best wine experiences ever!

With Roberto Anselmi at La Peca

With Roberto Anselmi at La Peca

Anselmi San Vincenzo Wine Spectator Top 100

Anselmi San Vincenzo Wine Spectator Top 100



Forestside Food Festival Free Wine Tasting

Free Wine Tasting at Forestside Food Festival

Please join us at the fabulous annual Forestside Food Festival tomorrow on Friday 11th November from 1- 6 p.m. with Chef Stephen Jeffers for a free tasting of our very special Sardinian Passo Antico wine, which is made using the ancient Appassimento process of vinification, which really concentrates the fruit flavours in the wine, and delivers a full bodied, well structured red wine. Aged in Slavonian oak barrels- Big Wood and a blend of 3 Sardinian Grapes: Cannonau, Carignano and Bovale Sardo.

Made by one of the biggest organic wine producers in Italy, Passo Antico is a superb technical achievement. A gorgeous full bodied red wine exploding with concentrated red berries and mediterreanean Mirto berries on the mid-palate.

Come try for yourself with some superb Artisan nibbles gratefully supplied by Indie Fude of Comber.

Pairs beautifully with spicy food like a Penne Arrabbiata, Indian curries, pizza or pasta and hard cheeses – especially Comte or Parmigiano!



Alexander V's The Ham Factory Casa Rojo

Casa Rojo ‘The Wine Gurus’ Range

We are delighted to introduce the fabulous Casa Rojo “The Wine Gurus” range of exquisite wines with eye catching branding to Northern Ireland.

The Casa Rojo project brought together the top 5 Wine Gurus in Spain to create the best example of each wine from each individual Spanish wine region. They produced 8 wines in total including an Organic and Biodynamic Priorat, Tempranillo, Monastrell, Rioja, Albariño, Verdejo, Godello and a very rebellious Cava.

The labels in this range of exceptional Spanish Wines are certainly something very different and have captured the imagination of fans and media all over the world. This perfect combination of imaginative branding combined with exceptional wine quality has quickly established Casa Rojo as a global brand and in fact a global movement. Every wine has won multiple awards and gold medals and all rank 90 + Points. “One of the 100 Best Winneries of the world 2014” (Wine&Spirits Magazine)


Each wine label tells a story. MMM Macho Man Monastrell (100% Monastrell) depicts a cartoon image of the wine maker himself ‘Jose Luis Gomez’ who is in fact a very tall young man. This is the third year of vintage, so in the first year Macho Man Monastrell was only sporting a small goatee beard, however now as the winemaker’s beard has grown, so too has the beard on our MMM Macho Man Monastrell label, and he has a new tattoo ‘Love & Wine’ this year! Jose stands outs in a crowd and the same is true of this unique label on the shelves or in the wine bar. 6 Months aged in French Oak this huge wine was voted ‘Best Spanish Barrel Aged Red’.

MMM Macho Man Monastrell

MMM Macho Man Monastrell

MMM is a rich and hearty red wine. Hand-harvested 100% Monastrell grapes from very old vines create this big, boisterous, fruit-packed red; four months in oak barrels provides a touch of softness and spice. An impressive plum and strawberry explosion combined with licorice and chocolate. The 2013 vintage was named in the top 100 wines in the Wines from Spain Awards 2015, the judging was chaired by Tim Atkin MW.

The Alexander V’s The Ham Factory DO Ribera Del Duero label depicts a pig sporting what looks like a Bionic leg and matching goggles, having lost his leg to the Ham Factory. Casa Rojo consider this the finest wine in the range “Alexander V’s the Ham Factory is our masterpiece, a parody of real life, how a living being has being strengthened after a loss”. The label also reflects the story of Alexandra who runs the wine business, but her father owns a Ham factory and finds he is always calling upon her time for that business, therefore she has symbolically lost one leg to the Ham Factory of her father. This big red 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) of 25 yr old vines from Pesquera del Duero has spent 20 Months in french and american oak. There are notes of cocoa, and roast mocha with intense black fruit compote. Iron with silk. A cyborg hero! 93 points Gilbert & Gaillard 2015 


Alexander V’s The Ham Factory

The MAQUINON Priorat 100% Garnacha Negra – D.O.Q Priorat is certified both Organic & Biodynamic.  Certified by Demeter as one of the few Black Garnatxa 100% wines in the world and the only one in DOQ Priorat. Maquinon in dialect means Machine and the robotic machinery cartoon imagery is said to reflect the fact that the red clay soil is very hard land to work so it’s like Man V’s Machine. Electric red color, fresh Asian spice, minerally driven. Maquinon is made in the slate ‘Licorella’ style.

MMM Macho Man Monastrell

MMM Macho Man Monastrell


La Marimorena Albariño with Racy flavours of Blood Orange, Wild Pomelos and Dried Pineapple with a salinity straight from the terroir beside the Atlantic Ocean. The Albariño vineyards for this mineral and spice infused white are located close to ‘O Rosal’ in the Pontevedra in the south of the Rías Baixas region on Spain’s north-west coast. Here the vineyards are surrounded by water, both sea and river, the vines cultivated on granite terraces with fairly rich, deep soils. Unoaked, the wine shows herbal aromas, scents of citrus and clear notes of dried pineapple, apple and pear, fresh and fruity in the mouth, the finish continues along the mineral and spice theme. 

La Marimorena Albariño by Casa Rojo

La Marimorena Albariño by Casa Rojo

With Roberto Anselmi at La Peca

Iconic Italian ANSELMI Wines Arrive in Belfast

ANSELMI wines are more like a cult movement in Italy and now also in International markets beyond. Roberto Anselmi is known as the original rebel who redefined the image of Italian white wines.  As a result, his wines are so exquisite, that they can be found on the menus of just about every Michelin Star restaurant in Italy, right up to the 3 star Gods of Italian cuisine. Most carrying multiple vintages, which we were lucky enough to experience for ourselves with the charismatic winemaker and his lovely daughter Lisa at the fabulous 2 Michelin star ‘La Peca’ Restaurant outside Vicenza. There.  we had a very memorable life moment tasting his 1983 REALDA Cabernet Sauvignon – a 33 year old doing a great impersonation of a fine old French Burgundy after a masterful resuscitation by a world class Sommelier, after such a long time at rest in the bottle. With only 7,000 bottles of his Cabernet Sauvignon produced each year, the rarity of finding and getting to taste such an aged example was not lost on us. This was an honor and a privilege few get to enjoy and it is an experience we will never forget.

Anselmi REALDA Cabernet Sauvignon 1983

Anselmi REALDA Cabernet Sauvignon

In fact there is only one red wine in the stable. The ANSELMI white wines are what Roberto Anselmi is really famous for having deliberately divorced from the Soave DOC back in 2000. Frustrated by the lack of quality and ambition amongst fellow winemakers in the rolling hills of the Soave region, east of Verona, Roberto made the controversial decision to cut ties with the local Consorzio and take the hallowed Soave name off his wines, instead labelling them under Anselmi’s own vineyards and Veneto IGT.



Roberto had approached the Soave Consorzio to negotiate a reduction in the permissible yields in an attempt to increase region-wide quality. After years of painstaking meetings and communications, the day of reckoning arrived in the form of a letter, the contents of which threw Roberto into a fit of rage and caused him to burn all existing Anselmi labels featuring the name Soave. The Consorzio, mainly influenced by the industrial-sized co-operatives, had agreed to a reduction in yields, but only by around 1-2%, a negligible margin.

His self-imposed exile was a bold move, but one he felt was essential to be true to his ethos of quality over quantity, and in turn to producing world class white wines. “Quality is indeed the fruit of our labour and determination, but it cannot do without help from the kind of science which allows us to recognise the real values of tradition and yet stops us from placing too much value on those elements which have no scientific basis at all.”

And the risk has paid off. Widely considered one of Italy’s best white wine producers and ‘the conscience of Soave’, he’s redefined the image of the region’s wines on the world stage.  ANSELMI white wines age for 15 years, are from the volcanic soils on the best south facing hills of the Soave region, harvested by hand on CRU vineyards of just a few hectares, with the highest quality standards and very limited production.

As it happens, 2000 wasn’t the first time Roberto had rebelled against authority. Back in the 1970s, fresh out of university and having had a taste of some the world’s finest wine regions in his post-study travels, he quickly became frustrated working in his family winery.

“My grandfather had been an excellent vine grower between the 1920s and 1945, but with the economic crisis linked to the World War he was forced to sell off all his vineyards and my father, who had continued working in the wine sector, had created a large winery for the bottling and sale of wine that he bought in, but without having his own land or vineyards,” explains Roberto.

“I had always dreamt of buying back my grandfather’s vineyards and buying other land highly suited to vine growing. I had always dreamt of creating a high quality winery to produce my own wine and had a romantic vision of a land which inspires strong values, deep feelings, the right kind of traditions, and a way of living which is with the land and for the land. And so I began.”

But his ambitions found him knocking heads with his father, and Roberto eventually grasped full control of the business, and Marino went into retirement, though remained living on the property.

He wound up the trading side of the company and began buying pockets of hillside land planted at high density, where his less productive but more aromatic Garganega strains thrived. The current property extends to 70 hectares situated on the highest slopes between Monteforte and Soave, and annual production has grown to around 700,000 bottles (just 5% of the volume his father made, but it’s always been quality Roberto was after.)

Opting out of the Soave DOCG gave Roberto the freedom to grow the grapes he liked, and in whatever way he wanted. Instead of the shaded canopies of old-fashioned pergola-trained vines most commonly found on surrounding properties, guyot-trained vines let in plenty of sunshine for more concentrated fruit, and his limit of three small bunches per vine guarantees density of flavour and ripeness, while maintaining good acidity.

Freed from the constraints of the Consorzio that require 70 percent Garganega in all wines labelled Soave Classico and currently allow only two other grapes, Chardonnay and Trebbiano di Soave, Roberto also planted Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer, and uses the former in his San Vincenzo.

The winery is similarly advanced, with gleaming stainless steel vats and French oak barriques (Anselmi was probably the first in Italy to utilise French oak to ferment and mature its white wines). Vinification is precise in every detail, with cold maceration, fermentation at low temperatures and a long ageing period. Roberto has always been an early adopter of wine technology – collaborating on research into alternative wine closures and ongoing experimentation into new methods to reduce the presence of sulphites in wine. Frustrated by cork taint, Roberto moved his San Vincenzo wine into screwcaps a few years ago – a brave move in a traditional wine country.

He took this limited-production approach to the next level when he became one of the few producers in the Soave Classico zone to develop ‘cru’ or single-vineyard wines. Capitel Foscarino (10 hectares) and Capitel Croce (five hectares) derive their names from ancient shrines (in the Veronese dialect) which populated the areas when the vineyards were replanted.

The tour inside the winery and the cellar was as theatrical. It is more tranquil and ethereal than any Church or Cathedral we’ve ever been in. Large beautifully candlelit rooms, framed by stained glass effect walls made from wine bottles and bespoke commissioned sculptures of the Garganega grape, house the French Oak barrels of precious liquid awaiting re-birth as the next vintage of ANSELMI wines. It is no wonder that the Anselmi business is so highly regarded – the wines, the location, the people. Roberto Anselmi’s rebellious nature is perhaps also evident in his personal life, not least in that he flies his own helicopter, had a Porsche made to his personal specifications and has a passion for fast motorbikes.

Roberto Anselmi and Daughter Lisa

Roberto Anselmi and Daughter Lisa

Roberto crafts just five wines – in addition to the Cabernet Sauvignon and the two crus is San Vincenzo (a lighter apertif style wine), an unusual move for the area, and I Capitelli, a dessert wine made from dried Botrytis-affected grapes that matches the world’s best. The white wines are for big Chardonnay lovers with the San Vincenzo being a blend of 70% Garganega with 30% Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Intense and
complex on the nose with apple, almonds, citrus, melon and zesty tropical fruit. Dry but with intense fruit, medium bodied with fresh acidity.
The San Vincenzo 2015 delivers a long lingering finish from the Chardonnay. 

The November 2016 Wine Buying Guide of the revered ‘Wine Spectator’ awards ANSELMI 90 points and highlights it as a ‘BEST BUY’. Describing the Anselmi San Vincenzo, they say “An expressive white, creamy and lightly juicy throughout, offering flavors of blood orange granita, fresh tarragon, yellow peach and mineral, set in a light-bodied frame. The finish is juicy. Garganega with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Drink now through 2019. 41,660 cases made.”

The CAPITEL CROCE 2014 is 100% Garganega, aged for 8 months in French Oak and 9 months in the bottle. Fresh, fruit forward aroma guided by hints of peach, vanilla, honey and spring flowers. Dry, complex, beautifully balanced and structured, fat with rich, creamy fruit flavours; the use of  French oak adds a subtle and agreeable spiciness to this very accomplished wine, which ages for 15 years.

You’ll be glad to know that the rebel and his father made amends before Marino died, the latter coming to appreciate what his son had done for the family name. “My grandfather didn’t ever come to the winery,” Lisa says, “but finally when my father had success, my grandfather would tap him on the shoulder and say: ‘Not bad, not bad’.”

We are currently in the planning stages of bringing this iconic, cult Italian winemaker to Belfast in 2017 to meet the many fans we know his wines will very soon have here in Northern Ireland. Watch this space for further details.

To enquire about purchasing ANSELMI wines, email here for details.

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Tempranillo

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Award Winning Tempranillo

D.O Ribera del Duero 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) Crianza

Every Chef we’ve shown this wine to wants to have it no matter what’s in the bottle. Yet another supremely creative label from the Casa Rojo Wine Gurus stable, has chefs imagining all sorts of amazing porcine food pairings to present alongside Alexander and his bionic leg which has clearly been lost to the Ham Factory and is now probably sitting on the diner’s plate in some tantilising new shape and form. Thankfully what is inside the bottle more than does justice to the awesome label.

The multi award winning Alexander VS The Ham Factory is 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) Crianza has spent 20 months ageing in American and French Oak Barrels and at least 6 months in the bottle. He was born from the best vineyards of Páramo del Duero, in Pesquera from 25 year old vines. Located at 950 meters of altitude, these vineyards of Tinto Fino grapes  mark the viticulture and the style of this singular Ribera del Duero 2013

Tasting Notes

A rich, carmine-red colour in the glass, it is intense and concentrated. The nose shows notes of liquorice, toasted oak and developed cherry and dark fruit; the palate is powerful, wide and long with a mineral note backing the fruit and spice.


– Gold Medal in CWSA Best Value 2015

– 93 points Gilbert & Gaillard 2015

– Diamond “Premios Mujer y Vino 2015”

– Gold Medal for the Best National Packaging. Anuaria 2015

Alexander V’s The Ham Factory is available to order now from GreatVine and is exclusive to GreatVine in Northern Ireland. eMail for pricing.

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Tempranillo

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Tempranillo

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Tempranillo Wood Casket

Alaxander vs The Ham Factory Tempranillo Wood Casket


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