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Branded Cabaret Supper Club AM:PM Bottle

Bottle Your Brand – Affordable Personalised Prosecco Bottles

It is unusual to be able to be able to personalise a wine bottle at volumes lower than 10,000 units, but Prosecco specialist importer GreatVine is the first to make fully personalised bottles of high quality Prosecco DOC Treviso Millesimato or DOCG Valdobbiadene Superiore available anywhere in the UK or Ireland from a minimum order volume as low as only 1,000 units with very affordable pricing.

In fact the 1,000 minimum order requirement can be split up into two orders of 500 bottles as long as the total amount of 1,000 is delivered within one year.

The entire bottle can be designed to the client’s specification and 2-3 initial design proposals are included within the price. The branding can go way beyond just the label, to a complete sleeve design and stunning mirrored finish options or accents of gold leaf. A new type of print technology enables bottle effects that reach far beyond traditional digital printing techniques, but this technology is exclusive to GreatVine in the wine sector.

Roberto Coin Branded Prosecco Bottles

The branded bottles are proving popular with corporate brands as well as hospitality brands and are especially popular for branding major events. Luxury Jewellery brand Roberto Coin wrapped the design for their Bollicine Collection, which aptly translates to ’Bubbles’ in English, for use at the world’s largest luxury jewellery & watch fair in Basel Switzerland, where it was served to their customers and media guests. Baglioni Hotel group now have their own slick black bottle of branded Prosecco throughout their prestigious venues, and the Cabaret Supper Club in Belfast ordered a glitzy Cabaret styled red and gold bottle featuring a show girl and Chandeliers which has proved extremely popular with their customers.

Branded Cabaret Supper Club AM:PM Bottle

The concept of a luxurious branded bottle containing one of the most popular beverages in the UK market, also offers a brand extension opportunity for example to brands in the fashion industry, that could benefit from distributing their own branded Prosecco bottles nationwide thereby putting their brand values directly into the hands and mouths (so to speak) of their target consumers.

Catering and event management companies pitching for large events, could also ensure they have the competitive edge by offering branded bottles for their client events.

So give your customers a taste of what you’re all about with a high quality bottle of Prosecco elegantly wrapped in your brand imagery.

Email for pricing information and design proposals

Cabaret Supper Club Branded Bottles of Premium Quality Prosecc

Fabulous Cabaret Supper Club Bottles of Premium Quality Prosecco

If you like glitz, glamour and quality Prosecco look no further than Cabaret Supper Club & AM:PM in Upper Arthur Street, where GreatVine have supplied these exquisitely beautiful bling bottles of premium quality Prosecco wrapped in a personalised and branded bespoke design featuring a ravishing red head in Cabaret Costume.

Enjoy a bottle at one of the amazing shows on at the Cabaret Supper Club or with lunch, dinner or an exquisite afternoon tea at AM:PM  – As the in-house promotion for this Premium Prosecco says. Yes you can take me home when I am consumed! So you can keep the decorative bottle once you’ve enjoyed the superb liquid inside.

Branded Prosecco in Cabaret Supper Club Gift Guide

Branded Prosecco in Cabaret Supper Club Gift Guide


You can also buy a bottle as a gift for friends or family supplied with gift box, or just to enjoy at home. You will find it on the website within the Gift Guide or on sale at the venue.

Tell us what you think? Know any other venues who should have a gorgeous branded bottle of great quality Prosecco? Let us know?!!

Paladin Raboso Fiore Paired with Chocolate Fondue at OX Cave

Ever thought of pairing a sparkling red wine with Chocolate Fondue? No? Well thankfully the very clever and experienced wine gurus at OX Cave have thought of it for you!

Call into OX Cave  for a chocolate fondue served with little squares of cake, marshmallow and fresh fruit to dip into a luscious little individual pot of melted chocolate in a mini le Creuset over a candle flame, washed down with a glass of equally luscious liquid in the form of Paladin’s Raboso Fiore sparkling red wine. Can you think of anything more decadent?

Paladin’s very unique and wonderful Raboso Fiore (which means flower in Italian) is a frizzante sparkling red made with the Raboso grape, which is the signature red grape of the Veneto region of Italy. A sparkling red is a surprise, but rather than being sweet as you might expect , this formidable red has a marvelous dry finish while it is also intensely fruity with rich aromas of wild violets and morello cherries. The colour is a bright ruby red with a marvelous pink froth.

Produced from the best grapes of Raboso, one of the oldest vines of Veneto, it represents the tradition of the region and especially of the Paladin Family: Valentino Paladin produced it for the first time in 1981 and since then Raboso Fiore has been a huge International success story.

The grapes are harvested late in autumn and the wine is done without pressing the berry; this makes it pleasantly round, fresh and rich in aromas, with fruity and soft notes. The Raboso is then enriched with a lively effervescence by an accurate, long sparkling process.

All in all it is a lively, fruity wine with a full flavoured and dry finish.

Chocolate Fondue and Raboso Fiore Pairing at OX Cave

Food Pairing:

Ideal alone, it is perfect with a barbecue or cold cuts, cheese, omelettes, pizza, pasta and snacks.
Drink it always slightly chilled.

  • Alcoholic content: 11% Volume / sparkling for natural fermentation
  • Serving temperature: 8 – 10 °C
  • Bottle size: 750 ml / Also available as a Magnum 1.500 ml

What is Prosecco

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine made from Glera grapes and grown in the Province of Treviso in the Veneto region of North East Italy.

Prosecco is produced in the Province of Treviso North of Venice. Unlike Champagne, Prosecco is made with the Charmat method of producing sparkling wine,  in which the second fermentation takes place in pressurised tanks rather than in the bottle.  The first fermentation produces a still wine, and the bubbles are put in during the second fermentation in the autoclave or steel tanks. The shorter, less labour intensive method is ideal for Prosecco as it preserves the crisp, young, fresh flavor of the grapes and keeps it affordable. Time in the bottle is not a good thing for Prosecco, unlike Champagne. This is why many Prosecco producers will bottle several times a year so that the Prosecco is kept as fresh at it can be, rather than bottling their entire production at one time.  Prosecco is known as the main ingredient of the Bellini cocktail and has more recently become popular as a less expensive substitute for Champagne, but also as an alternative to those who find champagne too dry or acidic.

Raboso from the Piave Region

Raboso – Signature Red of the Veneto Region

They love this wine in the USA but you’ll never find it on a wine list in Ireland!

Raboso is without a doubt the signature red wine of the Veneto region of Italy, mostly grown in the low lying coastal region around the Piave river which flows through the Veneto’s eastern Treviso Province. This is a full bodied red deep in colour with plenty of tannins, but it is more often than not made to be slightly ‘frizzante’ (fizzy). This is why it drinks really easily even when served slightly chilled, which it is in the heat of the summer in Italy and it is served in a carafe in most Italian restaurants as ‘sfuso’ or loose wine. More often if you order a carafe of loose wine in the area, this is what you will be drinking and it’s really really good!

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