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Forestside Food Festival Free Wine Tasting

Free Wine Tasting at Forestside Food Festival

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Please join us at the fabulous annual Forestside Food Festival tomorrow on Friday 11th November from 1- 6 p.m. with Chef Stephen Jeffers for a free tasting of our very special Sardinian Passo Antico wine, which is made using the ancient Appassimento process of vinification, which really concentrates the fruit flavours in the wine, and delivers a full bodied, well structured red wine. Aged in Slavonian oak barrels- Big Wood and a blend of 3 Sardinian Grapes: Cannonau, Carignano and Bovale Sardo.

Made by one of the biggest organic wine producers in Italy, Passo Antico is a superb technical achievement. A gorgeous full bodied red wine exploding with concentrated red berries and mediterreanean Mirto berries on the mid-palate.

Come try for yourself with some superb Artisan nibbles gratefully supplied by Indie Fude of Comber.

Pairs beautifully with spicy food like a Penne Arrabbiata, Indian curries, pizza or pasta and hard cheeses – especially Comte or Parmigiano!



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