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Institute of Hospitality Janus Awards 2015

Montagner Launch

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Confirming our status as the Prosecco specialists in the market, the Institute of Hospitality NI invited GreatVine to host the Prosecco reception at their prestigious annual Janus Awards event held at La Mon house Hotel on Friday 1st May 2015

More than 450 of the Northern Ireland Hospitality Industry’s top professionals were treated to a welcome flute of the fantastic new Prosecco brand Montagner, which was launched on the evening.

We did bring along double the amount that should have been required for everyone to have a glass each, but were besieged by requests for more as guests soon realised that this Prosecco was a different calibre of animal to any they had tasted before.  We are well aware that the Prosecco in the market is not what we are used to drinking back in Italy and with more and more Italian tourists in our country pointing out the poor quality as well, we are delighted to be able to help to elevate this aspect of our tourism product, while also enabling the people of Northern Ireland to enjoy really good quality Prosecco.

Montagner DOCG Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry

Montagner DOCG Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore Extra Dry

Montagner Prosecco is from a family owned Artisan vineyard in the DOC Treviso production zone in Motta di Livenza, but this producer also owns vineyards in Valdobbiadene where they produce a fantastic Prosecco DOCG Superiore and also in the coveted Cartizze production zone which is where the prized Grand Cru of Prosecco is produced. Cartizze is a 1,000 hectare hill where 170 different producers own land priced at over €1 Million per hectare, such is the perceived value of the Terroir. A small quantity of only 1 Million bottles maximum per year may be produced here between all of the producers.

This means that GreatVine are the only importer offering the entire range of Prosecco from the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) through the D.O.C.G. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Guarantita) to the Cartizze which consumers may now purchase at Wineworks in Saintfield & Newtownards.

Montagner DOCG Prosecco can be purchased from the wine list at OX, The Old School House Killinchy, The Boat House in Bangor, Uluru in Armagh, Raymond McArdle’s new restaurant Maisons in Rostrevor and very soon at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast with many more on the way.

Montagner Cartizze Prosecco DOCG

Montagner Cartizze Prosecco DOCG

When vines are harvested by hand as opposed to by automated heavy machinery which causes terrible damage to the vines, it considerably enhances the aromatics in the wine. This Artisan quality Prosecco is also from a single vineyard, a single grape (100% Glera) and a single year of vintage. Most industrial scale Prosecco is often produced outside of the authorised production zone by mass market producers who buy grapes from a variety of uncontrolled sources, blend the Glera grape with other permitted grapes to increase their production capacity and also use Prosecco that has been left over from previous years to expand capacity.

Of course because of the production method used to make Prosecco in steel tanks – known as the Charmat method, Prosecco must be consumed while young and fresh 1-2 years maximum. Unlike Champagne it cannot age.  The less time Prosecco spends in the bottle the better, which is why buying from a winery that re-bottles a few times a year is also important. Unless the Prosecco is designated as a ‘Millesimato’ the producer is not obliged to print the year of vintage on the label (and many would run from doing so!) therefore it’s only if you buy a ‘Millesimato’ that you know what age the Prosecco you are intending to serve to your customers is . It’s the only way to know that what you are serving is not way past its sell by date.

GreatVine offer FREE Prosecco training for the hospitality industry in Northern Ireland. We aim to dispell the myth that all Prosecci are created equal. We want to make your wine list sparkle and help you increase your Prosecco sales. Already in the UK market supermarkets report selling more Prosecco than milk. It’s a very important profit opportunity, which we can help the Northern Ireland hospitality industry to maximise.

Montagner Prosecco Janus Awards

Montagner Prosecco Janus Awards

Thomas with Fisnik Ujkaj and Chef of The Ivory Restaurant & Montagner Prosecco

Thomas with Fisnik Ujkaj and Chef of The Ivory Restaurant

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