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Dogarina Decano Veneto 2006 Vintage Red 75cl

Dogarina Decano Red Wine 2006 75cl Dogarina Decano Red Wine Vintage 2006 75cl

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The perfect marriage between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot creating a red wine that is deep and intense while still maintaining the originality of its two protagonists. The noble structure of Cabernet with the scent of peppers along with the herbaceous Merlot finds harmony together. The perfume is pleasing with the scent of ripe fruit that is carried out to the palate and has a liquorice finish. Our Decano is a wine that is satisfying with traditional pasta dishes, such as pasta fagioli as well as pasta ragu or risotto with sausage.




 Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
2. Production Area Campodipietra – Treviso
3. Soil Composition Magnese and clay substrate with a presence of
calcareous concretions, “caranto”
4. Training System  Spurred cordon
5. Climate  Cold winters and hot, dry and breezy summers, good daily thermal range
6. Vinification  – grape cleaning and cooling- traditional fulling and partly dèlestage

– temperature controlled fermentation-malolactic fermentation

7. Maturation  Steel tanks
8. Bottle Maturing Six months
9. Serving Temperature 16-18 degrees

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