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Dogarina Glera Dolce Dessert Prosecco

Dolce Sweet Dessert Prosecco 75cl Dolce Sweet Dessert Prosecco 75cl

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This high quality Prosecco is designed specifically as an aromatic dessert accompaniment from Dogarina and is one of the finest examples from the Province of Treviso –  the official home of Prosecco production. It is extremely high quality and one of our personal favourites.

Dolce Dogarina sparkling wine is produced with Glera grape (prosecco grape) grown in the vineyards belonging to the winery from Treviso. Elegant, delicate, with good freshness and fine perlage, it stands out with its bouquet of wisteria and green apple, conveying the wine pleasant sweet notes: a sublime interpretation by Dogarina.




2. Production Area Campodipietra – Treviso
3. Soil Composition Magnese and clay substrate with a presence of
calcareous concretions, “caranto”
4. Training System Guyot, hanging curtain
5. Climate  Cold winters and hot, dry and breezy summers, good daily thermal range
6. Vinification  – grape cleaning and cooling- must cleaning per decantation- temperature controlled fermentation
7. Maturation  Pressure tanks
8. Bottle Maturing  One month
9. Serving Temperature  6-8 degrees

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