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Dogarina Piave CARMENèRE DOC Red Wine

Dogarina Piave Carmenere DOC Dogarina Piave Carmenere DOC

Fortuna Vini Gold Apperitivo Fortuna Vini Gold Apperitivo

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Antique vines, originally french, were mistaken for Cabernet Franc until 2008, the year in which it was correctly identified and assigned a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) Piave. You will detect intense scents of hay, reed, with a minerality that runs through the wine with a delicate after-taste of liquorice.




2. Production Area Campodipietra – Treviso
3. Soil Composition Magnese and clay substrate with a presence of
calcareous concretions, “caranto”
4. Training System Spurred cordon
5. Climate Cold winters and hot, dry and breezy summers, good daily thermal range
6. Vinification  – grape cleaning and cooling- dynamic maceration of the skins with exploitation gas fermentation and partly with  traditional fulling- temperature controlled fermentation-malolactic fermentation
7. Maturation Steel tanks and big barrels
8. Bottle Maturing Three months
9. Serving Temperature 16-18 degrees

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