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Prosecco Masterclass at 5 Star Merchant Hotel

GreatVine's Prosecco Masterclass at the Merchant Hotel Belfast 2019

Prosecco Masterclass at 5 Star Merchant Hotel

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The Festival of Prosecco returned to The Merchant Hotel for its third year this September 2019 and it’s been even bigger than before! Guests have enjoyed a wide range of dazzling events and special promotions; from luxury tasting flights, wine dinners and masterclass events to unique Prosecco cocktails – there was something for every Prosecco fan out there.

Last night GreatVine hosted one of our very popular Prosecco Masterclass events in the Veuve Cliquot Champagne Lounge of the Hotel.

Our guests got to experience five different styles and quality levels of Prosecco. All from small artisan family owned producers, from the Prosecco DOC Apellation through DOCG Valdobbiadene Superiore, DOCG Asolo Rive and up to Cartizze – the Grand Cru of Prosecco where producers pay over €2 Million to own one hectare, and it is rarely exported outside of Italy.

They tasted every style of Prosecco from Extra Dry, Brut, Extra Brut to Dry (the sweetest style).

As you can see the feedback was incredible.

Feedback from guests on our Prosecco Masterclass

Most people believe that Prosecco is just Prosecco without variation of style or quality, yet much of what is exported to the UK market is commercially produced on a mass scale and not the quality we are used to drinking while living in Italy. Certainly it is true that not all Prosecco is created equal.

Blogger Post Prosecco Masterclass

Blogger Post Prosecco Masterclass


The two main lessons of the Masterclass are as always…

  1. If buying a DOC Prosecco, ensure it’s a ‘Millesimato’ as only then are they obliged to print the year of vintage on the rear label and Prosecco needs to be consumed in the year of vintage – the younger and fresher the better, due to the way in which it is produced as unlike Champagne it cannot age well in the bottle.
  2. Upgrade and spend a couple of pounds more to buy a DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Guarantita) Prosecco, where production standards really are more guaranteed and grapes cannot be purchased from the DOCG production zone to bottle elsewhere in Italy as it can with DOC Prosecco. Also with DOCG the terrain is all slopes and hills, therefore only harvesting by hand is possible, rather than machine harvesting which produces an inferior product.

We hope to see you at our next Prosecco Masterclass event!





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