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GreatVine Prosecco Training at La Mon Hotel & Country Club

Prosecco Training at La Mon Hotel

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GreatVine were invited to implement our Prosecco Training programme by Management at La Mon Hotel & Country Club this week.

Led by Bar Manager Jim Burns, the team participation and feedback was fantastic. There’s an undeniable enthusiasm for Prosecco amongst the staff as most enjoy it as their own personal favourite beverage. However, most would admit to not knowing the difference between a frizante or spumante, a DOC or a DOCG, a Brut or Extra Dry, a Glera or Perera and certainly had no idea what a Millesimato was before they undertook GreatVine’s free Prosecco training programme…and as for Cartizze…what’s that?

I think we can safely say that none of them will be buying a Prosecco that’s not Millesimato any time soon. They now fully understand the quality difference and the various grades of Prosecco. The feedback was overwhelmingly that they had no idea what Prosecco actually was before the training and had little idea of how to tell the good from the bad. They also received many valuable tips on storage and serving.

Thanks again to the fabulous team at La Mon for your unbridled enthusiasm and participation!

Long live the Sgroppino!



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