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Crispy Duck Canapes at Zen

Tasting the Food Pairing Menu for Our Wine Tasting at Zen

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We were invited into Zen restaurant tonight by Eddie Fung to taste the new range of Asian tapas that was specifically developed for our upcoming wine tasting event on Monday 9th September. I was expecting it to be good as the food at Zen is always good, but I really wasn’t prepared for the fantasy of food that was presented to us dish after dish all evening. From the crab claws formed into a ball shape with the claw still protruding to hold the canapé with,  to the little circles of pastry stuffed with scallops and even tempura of frogs legs, this menu was creatively off the scale from any Asian food I have ever experienced. One canapé even featured a topping of caviar and was accompanied by a little ginger and apple juice shot.

Asian Tapas Crab Claw at Zen

Asian Tapas Crab Claw at Zen

There were sweet baby tomatoes stuffed with the most wonderful sweet and spicy prawn mixture, baby squid stuffed with minced prawn and I never thought I would eat eel in my life but the little eel canapé that was served to us tonight on a tiny bed of sweet omelette and seaweed, was the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted. I think there was some kind of mango sauce and so much going on in one tiny mouthful of pleasure giving goodness. It was coated in a sweet sticky sauce and sesame seeds and frankly I could have eaten a whole main course of that instead of just one canapé. The crispy duck canapés with hoisin are shown at the top of this post but Zen really put a new twist on the traditional crispy duck with pancakes that we all know and love.  There were some amazing beef dishes too which our fellow guests reported to be amongst the best things they had ever tasted, as I unfortunately don’t eat red meat. There was even a canapé that featured Fois Gras that a staff member had actually flown to London and back to purchase for our event, such is the quality of the ingredients being prepared by Zen for this occasion.  As good as all of this food is, I can assure you that it will not upstage the wonderful wines our guests will be tasting at the event. I predict people will be talking about this for years to come.

Asian Tapas at Zen for GreatVine Wine Tasting Event

Asian Tapas at Zen for GreatVine Wine Tasting Event

It’s just a pity my health insurance doesn’t cover blowing my mind, as that’s what Zen’s chef and the staff at the restaurant did to my wife and I tonight. Aren’t you glad you’re coming now?

Asian Tapas at Zen

Minced Prawn Wrapped in Baby Squid


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